AEC1 35 Hour Engine Watchkeeping (MCA Approved)

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Course details

MCA 35 hour AEC1 Engineering course.

The courses provides students with the basic theoretical knowledge and some practical hands on experience of diesel engines. The course meets the requirements of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) Codes of Practice for the Safety of Large Commercial Sailing & Motor Vessels, the Safety of Small Commercial Motor Vessels and the Safety of Small Workboats & Pilot Boats. This 35 hour course will enable students to carry out regular servicing and be more aware of possible faults developing before they become significant problems.

Course Content:

Compression Ignition Engine

Cycle of Operation and Constructional Details

The Fuel System

The Role of Air in the Combustion Process

The Cooling System

The Lubrication System

Engine Electrical Systems

Power Transmission

Hull Fittings