Mandatory courses for new entrants


Before going to sea to work on a UK-registered commercial fishing vessel, there are a number of mandatory training courses that must be completed.

All new entrant fishermen must undertake basic safety training in:

Sea survivalFire fightingFirst aid and Health and safety

The Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) requires sea survival training to be completed before going to sea for the first time and requires the other three courses to be completed within three months. We offer these courses individually or you can take the 15 day introduction to commercial fishing course for FREE which covers all the mandatory requirements plus lots of other valuable training which will help you develop knowledge and skills which will prepare you for work in commercial fishing. We also offer a 3 day sea safety course for FREE which includes the required sea survival training plus lots of other instruction to prepare you for your first job at sea.

Experienced Fishermen - Once you have undertaken at least 6 months of fishing you have the opportunity to complete a 1 Day Safety Awareness course. This course must be completed within 2 years of starting fishing.